Can wind and solar technologies help stabilize carbon emissions over the next fifty years?

Is it possible that these technologies can play a part in actually leveling out and even further reducing carbon emissions over the next hundred years?

Will our economy benefit from changes in energy sources?

Our company links say 'yes' to all these questions and are the top contributors in the world to making the answers to these questions become reality.

Global Warming becoming 'Global Warning'

Global warming is quickly becoming "global warning". Rising temperatures due to carbon emissions have increased over the past ten years with 2005 being the hottest year on record. Heat waves in 2003 caused thirty thousand deaths in Europe.

Our company links take this 'global warning' seriously and can transform that which can harm us on a global scale to benefiting us all as individuals, towns, cities, provinces and countries.

What are these technologies?

Our company links will give you information on Solar Collectors, on Parabolic Collectors, on Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Technology, Photovoltaic Technology (solar cells) as well as new and innovative technologies still being researched. With the increase of global temperatures and a major change in wind current, our company links will give you information on how we can benefit by using 'wind power' technology. Placing wind farms in areas such as the Great Plains, Great Lakes, mountain ridges for example, we can supply trillions of kilo-watt hours of electricity per year.

Positive Viewpoint

Keeping our views positive and using earth changes toward an advantage in order to adapt is the goal of our company links. These links have the technology to deal with global energy issues and it is up to us, the consumers, to support innovative technologies and encourage world governments to make the changes necessary to drive our economies into prosperity while considering the future of elements in evolution.

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